Maart 2016 : de AC Schnitzer ACL2

M - you can always recognise a true sports car from this letter. Based on the BMW M 235i, a sports car is being presented which no longer has the letter M but instead bears the letters AC in its name. This letter combination is well known to all motorsport-loving BMW drivers: the tuning company AC Schnitzer has been synonymous with vehicle technology beyond the M-standard for almost 30 years. The AC Schnitzer ACL2 is a concept vehicle not for sale, which was produced as a technology platform for AC Schnitzer product development. In its current form, the vehicle would cost € 149,000.00.

Many conversions in the body, interior and wheelset are part of the AC Schnitzer retail range for the 2 series model range. All are homologated and available via BMW dealers.

Februari 2016 : de AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon

Powerful, fast and impressive The X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer offers exclusively custom-made vehicle components for BMW vehicles. The vehicles shown are not new models developed by us, but technology platforms for our accessory components. Thanks to our flexible modular system, we can offer individual components, assemblies or complete conversions. All components are precisely matched to each other. Complete conversions achieve the best results in vehicle optimisation. We call such vehicles "genuine AC Schnitzer" and "enhance" these models with our logo and type designation.
It flexes its wings, applies the gas and shoots towards its prey like a torpedo. The latest exceptional vehicle from AC Schnitzer is a worthy bearer of the name X6 FALCON.

December 2015 : diesel sound modules by AC Schnitzer

Tegenstrijdig ; nee hoor : ook een diesel kan goed klinken !

Vanaf nu biedt AC Schnitzer ook een sportieve akoustiek aan voor diverse BMW X dieselmodellen.

• X3 (F25) 18d, 20d, 30d, 35d
• X4 (F26) 18d, 20d, 30d, 35d
• X5 (F15) 30d, 40d, M50d
• X6 (F16) 30d, 40d, M50d

De nieuwe AC Schnitzer soundmodule-set voor dieselmodellen kan bij de X3 en X4 modellen ofwel in combinatie met de originele uitlaat ofwel in combinatie met de ACS sport einddemper met links en rechts dubbele ronde verchroomde „Sport“ eindpijpen gemonteerd worden. De eindpijpen van de RVS einddempers zijn alternatief sinds kort ook in „Sport Black“, uitvoering verkrijgbaar.

De soundmodule-set voor de X5 en X6 modellen kan eveneens in combinatie met de originele uitlaat of in combinatie met de ACS einddemper met links en rechts de bekende „Racing“ eindpijpen gemonteerd worden.

Onafhankelijk van het autotype dat met deze AC Schnitzer soundmodule-set uitgerust wordt staan in totaal zeven verschillende (6 + standaard) uitlaatsounds ter beschikking die door middel van de bijgeleverde afstandbediening geselecteerd kunnen worden. Ook bij lagere toerentallen klinken de X diesel modellen dan erg sportief.

Vanaf nu is het dankzij AC Schnitzer mogelijk de X modellen die uitgerust zijn met een dieselmotor niet alleen een sportieve optiek mee te geven maar ook een sportieve sonore sound !

Mei 2015 : de BMW i8 by AC Schnitzer

Revolutionary Sporting Performance and Innovative Design

The i8 by AC Schnitzer emphasises the strengths of the plug-in hybrid from Munich

The BMW i8 is revolutionising its vehicle class as the first sports car to have the fuel consumption and emission values of a small car. Now thanks to AC Schnitzer, this revolution is being followed by another: the AC Schnitzer special equipment for the BMW i8 emphasises even more clearly the sporting performance and innovative design of the powerful, environmentally-friendly coupé.

Lowered by 25 mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear, the i8 by AC Schnitzer hugs the tarmac more closely than the standard vehicle and can therefore develop maximum efficiency and dynamics on the road. AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler elements, carbon side skirts (left and right) and a carbon rear wing also ensure that the driving pleasure can be fully enjoyed on acceleration from both the powerful petrol engine and from the electric motor. The AC Schnitzer logos on the vehicle sides show that the Aachen-based BMW tuning professionals have been at work here.

The tuning specialists also have something up their sleeve for the wheelset of the BMW i8: the new AC1 forged alloys from AC Schnitzer are perfectly designed for the sports car, combining the hybrid look with a sporting design. With corresponding tyres and in BiColor, the new generation of wheels from Aachen perfectly suits the innovative plug-in hybrid from Munich - especially as it is available in any colour you want. With the AC1 wheel, AC Schnitzer has reinterpreted the classic double-spoke design. With sophisticated style, the spokes form triangle tips towards the rim which widen into the wheel centre forming five trapezoids. These guide the eye straight to the single classic element of the AC1 rim: the 5-cornered hub cap with the AC Schnitzer logo. The AC1 forged alloy rim saves around 30% weight compared with a conventional cast wheel, leading to a perceptible reduction in unsprung mass and centrifugal forces on the car, and significantly improving driving dynamics. On the i8, the new AC1 wheels are fitted in 8.5J x 21" with 245/35 R 21 tyres on the front, and in 9.5J x 21" with 285/30 R 21 tyres on the rear. In comparison with the BMW i8 "Turbine 625", the AC Schnitzer AC1 wheelset is 4.4 kg lighter. If we compare the weights of the complete wheelset, these are identical, although the tyres on the AC1 wheelset are 1 inch higher and significantly wider. Thus means improved transverse dynamics without a weight compromise.

The theme of the suspension, wheelset and aerodynamic components continues into the interior: aluminium pedal set, aluminium root rest and velours floor mats all stress the lightweight nature of the interior design while retaining the car's sporty and sophisticated looks. Emphasise strengths and refine innovations: the tuning package for the BMW i8 once again proves that the AC Schnitzer special accessories for BMW bring true refinement when it comes to transferring automotive revolutions to the road.

December 2014 : de M4 Coupe by AC Schnitzer

Premiere op de Motorshow Essen ; vermogen 510 PK !!

November 2014 : de nieuwe X4 by AC Schnitzer

World Premiere at the Auto Car Show in Zürich 2014

The look of a winner: AC Schnitzer presents the BMW X4 in an outstandingly athletic version.

Oktober 2014 : de 4 serie Gran Coupe "refined by AC Schnitzer

Really good mixes are always only as good as their individual ingredients - as the tuning experts at AC Schnitzer well know.

So they've developed their own unique recipe for the BMW 4-series Gran Coupé which perfectly combines the sporting performance of a coupé with the comfort of a saloon. The result is a vehicle which forms a perfect symbiosis in both style and engineering.

Maart 2014 : AC Schnitzer presents extensive tuning program for the Range Rover Sport

At the 84th Geneva Motor Show from 6th to 16th March 2014, AC Schnitzer presented the Range Rover Sport 3.0L SD V6 Diesel with an extensive range of technical and aesthetic tuning products.

This is the first time that the Aachen specialists have had a Range Rover in the workshop for a complete facelift. AC Schnitzer has been tuning some models from the Land Rover marque since 2002, but until now has only offered performance kits. Tuning fans amongst Range Rover drivers can now rejoice at this world premiere.

One goal of Aachen-based tuning expert AC Schnitzer was to expand the limits of the Range Rover Sport. This has been achieved amongst others by more diesel thrust for higher acceleration and perceptibly more torque. The Range Rover Sport by AC Schnitzer with performance kit has been upgraded from 215 kW / 292 hp / 600 Nm to a stunning 250 kW / 340 hp / 720 Nm. Despite the extra power, the CO2 emissions of the Range Rover remain constant; i.e. the CO2 emissions per hp have fallen. That's "Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer“.

The exhaust gas flow of the Range Rover Sport is improved by the fitting of the AC Schnitzer twin silencer of stainless steel, with two "Sports Trim“ tailpipes or with four "Sport“ tailpipes (both in right/left combination). Visually too, the exhaust system is a striking highlight.

The all-wheel drive vehicle becomes more agile and responsive thanks to the AC Schnitzer lowering module, which steplessly lowers the Range Rover Sport by up to 50 mm. A powerful, sporting presence with a striking silhouette is achieved by aerodynamic elements such as the AC Schnitzer front and rear skirts with integrated rear diffuser. In the cockpit, drivers find the AC Schnitzer keyholder and velours footmats in sophisticated design.

The Range Rover Sport by AC Schnitzer will run on Type VIII forged racing rims in 10.0 x 22 inch, or 10.5J x 23 inch, and of course corresponding tyres (275/40 R 22 or 305/30 R 23 all round) for the world premiere in Geneva.

Maart 2014 : Third generation X5 reloaded

In 2013, the new BMW X5 celebrated its market launch. Now in 2014, there is another reason for the new SUV giant to celebrate, because the tuning experts at AC Schnitzer have taken it into their workshop to give the third generation X5 a facelift. The result is a vehicle which can scarcely be equalled in terms of power, sporting performance and superiority.

September 2013 : AC Schnitzer accessoires voor de nieuwe 4 serie.

Since long time the AC Schnitzer Team was looking forward with high tension to the release of the new BMW 4 series. The challenge for us is now to create a "4 series Coupe by AC Schnitzer" based on the 4 series coupe which exceeds the expectation of advanced Technic, Sportivity, Aesthetics, Dynamic and Comfort. Such a complete AC Schnitzer special range of products will be available soon.

See here which special AC Schnitzer parts are available already now :

AC Schnitzer Performance Upgrades
- for BMW 428 with 180 kW/245 hp to 216 kW/294 hp
- for BMW 435i with 225 kW/306 hp to 265 kW/360 hp
- for BMW 420d with 135 kW/184 hp to 160 kW/218 hp

AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with two chromed "Racing" tail trims in left / right combination
AC Schnitzer "Racing" tail trims, chromed

AC Schnitzer racing suspension, height adjustable
AC Schnitzer spring kit, lowering approx. 25 mm

AC Schnitzer aluminium handbrake handle "Black Line"
AC Schnitzer gear knob with digital shifting display
AC Schnitzer leather gear knob, illuminated
AC Schnitzer aluminium gear knob "Black Line"
AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set
AC Schnitzer foot rest
AC Schnitzer aluminium cover, "Black Line" for BMW's own "i-Drive" system controller (only for cars without BMW navigation system "Professionell")
AC Schnitzer floor mats, velours

AC Schnitzer Wheel/Tyre Sets with Type VIII BiColor Black or Silver
- front: 8.5 x 18" with tyres 225/45 R 18
- rear: 8.5 x 18" with tyres 225/45 R 18

- front: 8.5 x 19" with tyres 225/40 R 19
- rear: 8.5 x 19" with tyres 225/40 R 19

- front: 8.5 x 19" with tyres 225/40 R 19
- rear: 8.5 x 19" with tyres 255/35 R 19

- front: 8.5 x 20" with tyres 225/35 R 20
- rear: 8.5 x 20" with tyres 255/30 R 20

AC Schnitzer Wheel/Tyre Set with Type IV Silver or BiColor Black

- front: 8.5 x 18" with tyres 225/45 R 18
- rear: 8.5 x 18" with tyres 225/45 R 18

AC Schnitzer Wheel/Tyre Set with Type IV BiColor Black

- front: 9.0J x 20" with tyres 225/35 R 20
- rear: 9.0J x 20“ with tyres 255/30 R 20

- front: 8.5 x 19" with tyres 225/40 R 19
- rear: 8.5 x 19" with tyres 255/35 R 19

AC Schnitzer Wheel/Tyre Set with Type VI BiColor

- front: 8.5 x 18" with tyres 225/45 R 18
- rear: 8.5 x 18" with tyres 225/45 R 18

September 2013 : ACS Type V forged nu leverbaar in antraciet kleur !

Super-light and stylish: The new AC Schnitzer Type V Forged Alloy Wheels in Anthracite 30% weight-saving – lower centrifugal forces – better cornering – and more driving pleasure. All these positive qualities are combined in the AC Schnitzer Type V forged alloy wheels in new anthracite finish, in 20 and 22 inch.

Wheels create the connection between the car and the road not just physically but also visually. "So the right ratio of proportions of wheels to body is extremely important“, explains AC Schnitzer Chief Designer Michele Viandante. "If the wheels are too small, a car will quickly become long- legged and unstable.“The AC Schnitzer Type V forged alloy wheels however are truly grounded: In diameters 20 and 22 inch - that's more than half a metre - aesthetically they give even the largest BMW vehicles the necessary ground adhesion and fill the wheelarches.

And all this with a phenomenally light weight:

- 9.0J x 20 inch 10.9 kg (vs. BMW V-Spoke 356 in 8.5J x 20“ = 15.8 kg)
- 10.0J x 20 inch 11.6 kg (vs. BMW V-Spoke 356 in 9.0J x 20“ = 15.8 kg)

- 9.5J x 22 inch 14.2 kg
- 10.0J x 22 inch 14.8 kg (vs. BMW M Double Spoke 310 in 10Jx 21“ = 19.2 kg)
- 11.5J x 22 inch 15.3 kg (vs. BMW M Dooble Spoke 310 in 11.5Jx 21“ = 20.3 kg)

This means, depending on wheel, a weight-saving of almost 20 kg on the car. Manfred Wollgarten, head of chassis set-up at AC Schnitzer, describes the different driving feel: “20 kg unsprung mass less on the car is an incredible amount. The car's handling is immediately perceptibly improved."

In their very design, the Type V one-piece forged alloys with the new anthracite finish carry the extremely sporting genes of AC Schnitzer which are also manifest in their external appearance: the central element is the delicate but robust spoke matrix with its five triangular webs. The highly concave centre, at which the spokes appear to rush together, underlines the uncompromisingly dynamic impression.

The new Type V Lightweight Forged wheel is available in the following dimensions for the mentioned cars: BMW 5-, 6-, 7-series, X3, X5 and X6

- Wheel type: forged alloy wheel Type V
- Wheel design: one-piece
- Manufacture: forged, flow-formed, turned, milled, polished and painted
- Dimensions: 9.0J x 20 inch 10.0J x 20 inch 9.5J x 22 inch 10.0J x 22 inch 11.5J x 22 inch

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